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We are a company that is focused on offering the best quality at the lowest price, many companies state that they offer quality products but in fact they don’t even do quality control, they just trust their suppliers and let them deliver their product directly to a warehouse but we don’t. We actually check and inspect each product during the production, we know that each product will be delivered to a different person and that they deserve a new and perfectly packed product.

Our products are built with great quality components and are designed to last long, you may find products that have a similar or same appearance but are definitely not the same, hardware and even the plastic shell are lower quality.

At ValueStore.us you will always have the best deal because you are not paying the referral fee*/ commission to Amazon or eBay.

To be able to offer the lowest prices we only sell through our online shop, although we operate in Orlando, FL we do not have a physical store. We provide customer service and shipping from the U.S.A.

We have the lowest price, the best quality and our own repair center in case that your product needs service (we have even the smallest screw in-house). All other offers on Amazon and eBay are Chinese in China so in case of warranty or service they won’t be there for you, for them once your item was delivered and the return window (if any) is expired the case is closed.

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The people at ValueStore.us

In Orlando, Florida.


We know that you as customer would like to know some information about the seller before you place an order. We have picked some Questions and Answers that we have thought you would like to know:

Do we answer to your questions after-sales?

Yes, we will answer your questions you can reach us via email at CustomerCare@valuestore.us or live chat. We speak English and Spanish.

Are we a Chinese company or a seller from outside of the USA?

No, we are in Orlando, FL.

How to claim warranty or to return an order?

It is a very straightforward process, just contact us at CustomerCare@valuestore.us with your order number or buyer’s name and date of purchase to claim a warranty or to return an item. Visit our Orders and Returns page for more details.

Some sellers advertise on eBay that they offer up to 3 years warranty, most of this sellers are Chinese and this would be wonderful, the only downside is that 3 months after you make a purchase on eBay you can not write reviews, rate the seller or submit a complain to eBay and your order even disappears from your purchase history. They know this very well so if you ever need warranty or repair service your overseas seller won’t be there for you.

From where are we ship out your order?

It depends on your location, if you are located in Florida we ship from Orlando if not we will ship from a fulfillment center near you. We never ship from overseas.



 *Referral fee is a percentage that Amazon and eBay charge to the seller for each item sold in their platform.


Questions? e-mail us at CustomerCare@ValueStore.us

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