Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF-2000M-TM-1 with Medium Transducers for Pipes from 1.96 to 27 inches (50 to 700 mm).


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The TUF-2000M can measure the flow rate in plastic and metallic pipes.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter TUF-2000M with Medium Transducers for Pipes from 1.96 to 27 inch (50 to 700 mm)



– Accuracy: ±1%. Repeatability: 0.2%. Linearity: 0.5%

– Serial port: RS485 – Analog inputs: 3.

– Analog output: 1 4-20mA.

– Output channels: 2 OCT.

– The internal universal serial bus enables several output modules to be connected to it.

– Several optional function module to be chosen to add to the main module.

– More than 4 different kinds of communication protocol supported at the same time, include MODBUS and Meter-BUS.

– Date totalizers that can record as much as 64 sets of data by day, 32 sets of data by month. All the data can be retrieved by use of the MODBUS registers.

– 32 records of power-on and power-off data. Data can be read through MODBUS.

– Programmable pulse width of OCT output.

– One Parallel Interface for display and keypad.

– Plug-on-and-off display and keypad module can be connected to the serial port of the flow meter.

– A fluid velocity threshold enables the identification of the kinds of fluid.

– A full programmable built-in batch controller which can be started by key-pressing, and by the input to the analog inputs or through MODBUS protocol.

-Power supply by 8VDC~36VDC/50mA or 10VAC~30VAC/50mA.

– Daily time period flow totalizer.


This Kit includes:

(1x) Main unit (Flow meter).

(1x) Pair of medium transducers for pipe size from 1.96 to 27 inch (50 to 700 mm)

(1x) 20 ft. Cable/ 6 mt. Cable.

(1x) Power adapter (100 – 220V).

(2x) Clamp fixture for transducers.

(1x) User Manual.


Click here to download the User Manual

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