Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner V12 with 3.5 MHz Convex Probe.

The Ultrasound Scanner V12 with 3.5 MHz convex is perfect for pregnancy test on animals like Sheep, Dog and Pig.

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Delivery within the United States by Jul 1, 2024


– Perfect for small & large pregnant animals like pigs, sheep and dogs. 
– Ultrasound scanner with 5.5” multicolor display and AV port to view real-time images on your TV or monitor of up to 42 inches (Plug & Play) or to connect a video printer. 
– Multi-frequency convex probe. Frequencies: 2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz. 
– Built-in memory can storage up to 128 images. 
– Depth: from 65 to 190 mm. 
– Common measurement: distance, area, volume, heart rate. 
– Scan angle: 78 degree and gray shade: 256 gray levels. 
– OB measurement: Pig- HL ; Sheep/goat – USD ; Bovine- BL, SL, HL ; Cat- HD, BD ; Dog- BD,GSD, CRL, HD.

– For Cattle, Horse, Camel, Equine and Cow you need a Rectal Probe not a Convex Probe.
– This is a standalone ultrasound which doesn’t rely on Apps for mobile devices to work. A Standalone Ultrasound will always work when you need it but a Wireless Probe only works if seller updates App and subject to hardware compatibility.
– For dog pregnancy test you should wait between 25 to 34 days (depending on dog size) before you can count the puppies.



(1x) Portable ultrasound scanner. 
(1x) Multi-frequency convex probe.Frequencies: 2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz. 
(1x) Rechargeable Li-lon battery. 
(1x) Power adapter (110-220 volts, 50/60 Hz). 
(1x) Belt for shoulder. 
(1x) Silicone case for the main unit.
(1x) Carrying case. 
(1x) User manual. 


What is the difference between V12 and V16?

V12 works with analog technology and only supports the mechanical convex probe that comes with the kit. V16 is a better machine and produce images with less noise than V12 because it works with electronic technology.

V16 works with electronic technology and supports several probes like convex, micro-convex, linear and rectal probe. All probes for V16 are electronic probes and have no moving parts. Probes for V16 are not compatible with V12 because the port probe and technology are different.


Product Quality

Other offers may look exactly or similar to ours but there is a big difference inside.

All our products have Intel chipsets and good quality components (US technology) that are made to last way longer than the warranty period. 

In the current market conditions Ultrasound factories are offering cheaper chipsets and components (Chinese origin) that cost less but also last for a short period and have compatibility issues. Your unit will suddenly not turn on or will stop reading images after few weeks/months or your unit could even be ”dead on arrival” because there was a small short circuit inside that caused the starter to burn. 

We rejected the offer to reduce the quality of our products and we will continue to offer only Intel Chipsets and same electronic components that we have offered since forever.

Why is this happening? The US government has cut chipsets supply and banned some exports to China and this caused chipsets and other electronic components prices to go up so the Chinese factories were forced to use other lower price components based on ‘’Chinese technology’’ in an effort to stay on the market.

Our idea is not to instill fear but to make you aware of the current market trends. ValueStore.us believes that you deserve good quality and it is not fair to offer you low quality components in the name of revenue.



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Pig, sheep, dog

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